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23 Jan 2018

Conferences presentations #2017

5° SAEG (Turin: 18-20 Jan 2017) - 15° CIEGL (Wien: 27 Aug - 1 Sept 2017)

In the year 2017, the ELA project was presented at two epigraphical congresses, namely at the «5° Seminario Avanzato di Epigrafia Greca - SAEG» (Turin: 18-20 Jan), and at the «15° Congressus Internationalis Epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae» (Wien: 27 Aug-1 Sept). In both these occasions, a description of the structure and functioning of ELA Database was accompanied by the examination of some concrete cases, with the aim of illustrating major issues and expected results of a topographical study of…
14 Feb 2018

Updates #1 An overview on the current coverage and the next forthcoming documents.

by Chiara Lasagni

First, a brief foreword about the way in which we are populating the ELA Database, and why we are doing so.The insertion of documents into a final and stable version of the database has started in the course of the past year. The current coverage amounts to about two hundred inscriptions, already published, or under final revision. Perhaps, such figures don’t yet allow users to fully appreciate the potential of the ELA database for their researches. However, such potential has already clearly…
14 Nov 2018

Publications #1: Chiara Lasagni, «Il progetto "The Epigraphic Landscape of Athens" e l’ELA Database: caratteristiche e risultati preliminari per uno studio semantico della topografia ateniese»

by Chiara Lasagni

«Il progetto "The Epigraphic Landscape of Athens" e l’ELA Database: caratteristiche e risultati preliminari per uno studio semantico della topografia ateniese»Historika. Studi di Storia Greca e Romana 7. 2017, pp. 53-82 - ITAABSTRACTThis article intends to draw the scholars’ attention to the main contents and features of the research project The Epigraphic Landscape of Athens (University of Turin), and of the relevant online Database ELA. The article is divided into four parts. In the first one,…
19 Nov 2018

Updates #2: Inscriptions in the sanctuary of Dionysos Eleuthereus in Athens

by Giulia Tozzi

The sanctuary of Dionysus Eleuthereus on the Southern slopes of the acropolis has been one of the most prominent public places of Athens: as the archaeological, epigraphical and literary sources attest, the political, cultural and religious lives of the city have always been closely linked in its area since the first installation of the theatron annexed to the sanctuary, which has been used for the periodic performances in honour of the god since the 5th century BC as well as for the official…
19 Nov 2018

Updates #3: Dedications of the ephebes and/or of their magistrates in 4th century Athens.

by Daria Russo

Despite the apparent inclusiveness of this category, the dedications which could be added to the ELA database are not particularly numerous. Dedications set by ephebic classes – and sometimes mentioning magistrates (such as the sophronistai) as co-dedicators – could be set for two reasons: the end of the service (or of the ephebic year) or the victory in a lampas competition. Without entering the complicated debate concerning the ephebate under Lycurgus, the first known ephebic class setting a…